Joanne Stands For

Family-friendly Neighborhoods

A Safe, Well-maintained City

Opportunity for All

Stay Informed:

Joanne’s Pledge to You

Joanne is a great listener, and as City Councilor for Ward 6 she will be there for you throughout her entire term, not just during election season. She strongly believes elected officials should always be reaching out to hear folks’ personal concerns and recommendations.

But listening isn’t enough. Joanne will work hard to build stronger, family-friendly neighborhoods in our ward. She’ll also fight to reimagine and revitalize a new Brockton we’re all proud to live in.

Let us know what you think!

Joanne pledges to

  • hold monthly office hours in the ward,
  • reply to residents’ calls and emails within two business days,
  • maintain an active Facebook page to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, and
  • issue regularly scheduled email newsletters.

Joanne will go beyond business as usual.

The Priorities


Family-friendly neighborhoods

    • Preserve the small-town feel of Ward 6, fighting against unwanted development and for development that residents do want
        • No, to the power plant
        • Yes, to senior living housing
        • Yes, to small business development in the Village
        • Negotiate Good Neighbor policies with Holbrook and Abington to work together on town-city border development
    • Improve playgrounds and other outdoor spaces
        • Investigate the possibility of a dog park in Ward 6
        • Explore opportunities for recreational walking and biking trails in the ward, around Brookfield or Beaver Brook, and maybe even a greenway
    • Examine how we can make our neighborhood schools better and prevent any future school closures
        • Work closely with the Ward 6 school committee member
        • Work with other city counselors to ensure adequate funding for schools
    • Collaborate with city officials and local organizations to reduce littering and beautify public property with trees and other plants, public art, etc.
    • Champion a healthy, natural urban environment
        • Healthy ponds and waterways to enjoy
        • Clean air as a fundamental human right
        • Cleanup for brownfields and toxic sites
        • More trees to cool the city, less asphalt

A safe, well-run city

    • Fight for pure drinking water; fair, affordable water rates; and a modern, efficient water supply and sewage system
    • Work with city leaders to ensure public funds are well-managed and spent wisely, and that budgets are developed with our children in mind – avoiding excessive debt
    • Ensure Ward 6 gets its fair share of road improvements, and work toward better response to potholes and snowplow damage
    • In collaboration with Brockton Police, support residents in establishing powerful neighborhood watch groups
        • Raise awareness of anonymous crime reporting options
        • Advocate for better community policing
    • Ensure code enforcement is fair, well-communicated and taken seriously
    • Ensure neighborhood safety
        • Removal of broken tree branches and tree overgrowth from electrical cables
        • Continued operation of Cary Hill Fire Station and hydrant maintenance
        • Proper lighting of our streets and public parks
    • Ensure Ward 6 residents have a say in decisions being made at the city level, by communicating regularly with residents about what’s going on

Opportunity for all

    • Ensure Ward 6 residents know about the great things happening around us, such as Senior Center activities, kids’ reading programs, and small business workshops
    • Promote and examine options for expanding non-traditional and early childhood learning opportunities, including after-school activities, summer recreational programs, youth mentorship programs, and professional development opportunities
    • Collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and city leaders to attract businesses and other organizations to our city
    • Encourage businesses in our region to recruit in Brockton
    • Encourage city officials to do more to ‘market’ the positive aspects of Brockton and look hard at how to improve the city’s reputation
    • Support and work toward expanding successful alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, including the Mayor’s Champion Plan
    • Work with city officials to finally solve our homeless housing crisis, not just push homeless folks out from one area of the city to another
    • Collaborate with city leaders and enthusiastic residents, especially young folks, to create a buzz about Brockton and its ‘scenes’, including the arts and social justice

Connect with Joanne

Throughout the campaign Joanne will be listening to the concerns and ideas of residents in Ward 6. Please reach out to her at any time to let her know what you think – contact Joanne.