On the Issues

Joanne’s Pledge to You

Joanne will go beyond business as usual. She pledges to

  • hold monthly, regularly scheduled, in-person office hours in the ward,
  • reply to calls and emails within two business days,
  • maintain an active Facebook page to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, and
  • issue regularly scheduled email newsletters.

As City Councilor for Ward 6, Joanne will be there for you throughout her entire term, not just during election season. She strongly believes elected officials should always be reaching out to hear folks’ personal concerns and recommendations. But listening isn’t enough.

Joanne will work hard to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. She’ll also fight to reimagine and revitalize a new Brockton we’re all proud to live in.


Family-friendly Neighborhoods

  • Preserve the small-town feel of Ward 6: making sure residents have a say in development decisions, and fighting for smart development that benefits our area for the long-term
  • Improve playgrounds and other outdoor spaces: advocate for modern recreational areas that go beyond simply open space and a sign, by working with city officials, businesses, and foundations to make equipment, public art, gardens, and other features happen
  • Fight for great schools: work closely with the Ward 6 school committee member, other city councilors, and the Mayor to ensure Brockton schools are properly resourced; work with our state representatives and senator to advocate for our fair share of state funds
  • Champion a healthy, natural urban environment: work with city officials to reduce littering and dumping, and advocate for more trees

A Safe, Well-run City

  • Advocate for an affordable, efficient, and fair water system: ensure that water supply decisions are made transparently based on evidence, and are long-term solutions that will not unfairly burden residents
  • Ensure city funds are well-managed and spent wisely: make sure money is spent efficiently where it’s needed most, and that budgets are developed with our children in mind
  • Support public works, including road repairs and sidewalks: make sure Ward 6 gets its fair share of road improvements, and response to potholes and snowplow damage is improved
  • Fight for improved public safety: collaborate with police to support neighborhood watch groups and raise awareness of anonymous crime reporting; advocate for community policing and fair code enforcement

Opportunity for All

  • Ensure residents know what’s happening: promote events throughout the city as well as resources for seniors, children, and small businesses; keep residents up-to-date on what’s happening at the local government level
  • Strengthen small business: collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and city leaders to attract businesses and other organizations to our city; explore ways to make Brockton friendlier to entrepreneurs and small business
  • Champion Brockton: encourage city officials to do more to market the positive aspects of Brockton and improve the city’s reputation, and collaborate with organizations and residents to create a positive ‘buzz’ about Brockton happenings
  • Support vulnerable groups: support expansion of successful alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, and work with city officials and nonprofits to solve the homelessness crisis

What Do You Think?

Joanne is out several times a week knocking on doors in Ward 6 to hear from you and earn your vote. Please call or email her anytime to discuss the issues and concerns most important to you.